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Whale shark, 40-foot-long threatened animal, hauled onto Pakistani pier

You may think the current political election, prop 8 or Josh Hamilton may be important, but they pale in comparison to the dead whale shark. He is way better than them, and he is way better than you. After fishermen discovered a massive whale shark unconscious offshore 10 days ago, the 40-foot-long, seven-ton fish was […]

Fishermen in Pakistan reel in massive 40-foot whale shark and sell it for $18750

This is why the sea is incredible and terrifying.* Pakistani fishermen reeled in this giant whale shark today. From MSNBC: The Express Tribune, a Pakistani newspaper, reported that the 40-foot fish was first spotted ten days A 40-foot long whale shark was just sold by a group of Pakistani fisherman for RS 1.7 million (about […]