Woolly mammoth caught on video? It looks fishy

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By Mike Perlman on February 9, 2012 in Photography, Reviews In the Photography world, 35mm, or “full frame” is the standard by which nearly all cameras are judged. Focal lengths, crop factors and other camera traits are all based on the 35mm equivalent

SIBERIA – A wooly mammoth has been spotted roaming the tundra of Siberia! The beast was spotted trudging acrosst icy waters in a sighting that proves woolly mammoths are not extinct after all. The animal – thought to have

Cryptomundo » “Woolly Mammoth” Spotted in Siberia (Updated)

By Cecil Adams • February 10, 2012 A friend insists a team of scientists is dedicated to cloning a woolly mammoth. I'd love to believe this is true, and if it is, what are the plans for these critters? Zoos? Releasing them into the wild? Farming?