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Chrysler Super Bowl commercial: Was it political?

Chrysler again uses a star not known for shilling to celebrate Detroit — and sell cars. He said overall Chrysler's dealers "are more profitable than they have been in a decade." Marchionne also was coy about the two-minute Super Bowl ad the automaker unveils today. He would only say the ad is "unconventional" and will […]

Chrysler Super Bowl commercial pulled from company's YouTube page for …

2012 Chrysler Super Bowl Ad: Halftime in America: This year's Chrysler Super Bowl commercial features Clint Eastwood. Chrysler's Super Bowl halftime ad "It's Halftime in America" with Clint Eastwood. / Chrysler The inspirational Chrysler television Chrysler Group earned raves for their spot, called “Halftime in America,” in which the actor narrated a two-minute ad trumpeting […]