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Chrysler Super Bowl commercial: Was it political?

Chrysler again uses a star not known for shilling to celebrate Detroit — and sell cars. He said overall Chrysler's dealers "are more profitable than they have been in a decade." Marchionne also was coy about the two-minute Super Bowl ad the automaker unveils today. He would only say the ad is "unconventional" and will […]

Best Super Bowl Commercials (and Worst)

With most Super Bowl commercials either aiming for laughs to generate buzz or using sexuality to push a product, Chrysler distinguished itself by doing something completely different. Clint Eastwood starred in the most stirring commercial of the night, At an average cost of $3.5 million per commercial, Super Bowl lore is exactly what some companies […]

Golden Valley Votes: Best Super Bowl Commercials

This one above from 1973 is Noxzema's "Creamed" ad with football star Joe Namath and pre-"Charlie's Angels" Farrah Fawcett. The Los Angeles Times has the timeline of the Best Super Bowl commercials through the years: So far in 2012 the most entertaining and least aggressively grating Super Bowl commercials have all come from car companies, […]